Watch their hands

Lauren literally looks down once she feels Camila’s fingers and closes her hand so their fingers won’t touch like seriously it’s like she doesn’t want any affection between the two of them on camera.

ORRRRR she is JUST making room for Camila’s hands smh.. like she was fidgeting with her fingers the whole interview.. playing with her bracelet.. i dont think it has anything to do with their “relationship on camera” 

Lauren looked nervous and I honestly think the Camila knew it that was the reason for the hand gesture but you have to remember that Lauren doesn’t like people getting the wrong idea that’s why she moved her hand and made it into a little fist until Camila’s hand moved away. Watch the video again and just look at their hands. Lauren was nervous the whole time which is weird bc she only seems to get like that with Camila next to her

lauren already knows what’d happen if she touched her hand i don’t know what went through her mind in that moment but i think that that might be the reason why she didnt do anything